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Painted 6 mm mild steel

Dimensions variable: 587 x 1100

Photography: Ian Hobbs

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi



Artist Statement 2017

From an early age we are taught, via the introduction of templates and maps, to view the world through an abstract representation of place. This work consists of seven templates that appear familiar and to fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, only they don’t because the scale varies across pieces.

There is a visceral quality to the colour of some of the templates, like internal organs of something that is living. Other pieces resemble the colour of earth, sky and sea. The templates also hold grooves and channels, allowing the underlying surface of grass and rock, on which they are placed, to emerge.

In certain sections, the outlines of the pieces appear to mirror the edges of the rocks and land formations along this coastal area. Within this context, the templates highlight that which is normally absent when a thing becomes represented, physicality of place.