Remembrance of Things Present


Series of 5 works, Oil on Canvas

first work 100 x 100 cm

4 works 100 x 150 cm

Photographs: Richard Glover

Peloton Gallery, Sydney

Artist Statement 2006

This series resulted from a visit to Marcel Proust’s reconstructed bedroom in Paris after seeing objects that he had lived with whilst writing Remembrance of Things Past. There was the coat he wore – a very small man. There was the desk that he wrote at and a porcelain figurine.

Painting can heighten perception; to see things that are not visible with a cursory glance but to also see things that cannot be seen in focus. This series of work considers how that figurine might embody Proust and Proustian memory. Proust believed that memory is by nature incomplete, that it is essential to embrace imperfect, fleeting and disconnected images for true memory to occur.