Sites of Memory


 135 x 112 cm laser jet prints on archival paper

Installation Photographs: Richard Glover

Tin Sheds, Sydney

Artist Statement 2010

I have been working with Kodachrome slides that are over 45 years old. Bequeathed to me, the images themselves have grown older. Some of the slides are aerial images of outback Queensland, places like Blackall and Charleville. My father was a pilot and I suspect that he took these images to send back to his relatives in New Zealand.

What drew me to the images was not only the landscape but also the remains of my father that were captured in the slides. That is, fragments of his plane, fragments of his reflection and most importantly fragments of his imaging of the landscape.

At a later date, I came across some old crusty aerial maps, flying maps, that he had used to trace out journeys and to mark out the distances between locations.

The exhibition Sites of Memory plays with ideas of inherited memory and of collaboration across generations of image-making.