Hardwood ladder, photographic prints on organza

 275 x 45.5 x 5 cm

Installation Photography: Ian Hobbs

Articulate Project Space, Sydney


Artist Statement 2016

The ladder in this work is very old, at least one hundred and fifteen years old. It has come from the stables at Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, formally known as Moore Park Showgrounds, the original boarding facility for horses and livestock at The Royal Easter Show.

To each row of stables there is a small loft area above one of the horse stalls where fodder was stored and/or people used to sleep. This ladder ran up the side of a stall to one of these lofts, which is why there is this rather unusual ending to the ladder whereby one side is longer than the other.

The ladder reveals, through its physical form, palpable memories when it is engaged with. It wears layers of dirt and paint, as well as worn down parts that expose raw wood, the flesh of the ladder. It is hardwood and it is the passing of time.

Obscuring the view between the rungs of the ladder horse brands, printed on fabric that has a ghost like quality about it, do not quite reveal themselves. Like the vacillating process of stability and instability, which is memory, evading capture.