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Starting Over Again


50 x 50 x 75 cm

Photography: Ian Hobbs

Artist Statement 2014

Over two decades ago I started to photograph public pools I swam laps in. Twenty-four transparencies of pool start blocks from that archive have been applied to acrylic to construct a life-size replica of a start block. Starting Over Again is internally illuminated by solar power thereby creating the effect of a light box.

Under the weight of safety regulatory bodies, start blocks have been diminishing from many public swimming pools. However, with each “bright idea” that has surfaced about how to enhance the performance of elite swimmers, start blocks have also been evolving. Creative energy has sustained the life span of the start block.

The way we source energy, both internally and externally, determines whether it is a force that sustains or depletes.

Positioned to overlook the ocean Starting Over Again invites the viewer to contemplate diving into water that has no clear direction.