staterecords2 2004
st rec 10 2003

The House of Exquisite Memory


Collaboration with the curator Susan Charlton

Objects from childhood

Perspex cases 450 x 450 x 450 cm

Storylines inscribed at the base of each case

State Records, NSW

Selected Storylines

white horses + green jigsaw pieces

She remembered all of them, but Sugar the white horse was the first.

4 sets riding boots

Her father used to keep her riding boots beautifully polished.

jodhpurs + bridle + photo

In latter years she realised that dreaming of horses represented freedom.

NZ airbag + selection Air NZ items + Photo

Her father was a pilot and very blasé about boarding calls.

3 x 4711 bottles + 2 purses + 2 sex education books

The name of the Schiaparelli stockings evoked a sense of that place known as ‘overseas’.

box of books

This was not the kind of exploring that she was interested in.